League Structure

The league is organised into three sections reflecting the disciplines played:

  • Ladies Level Doubles
  • Mens Level Doubles
  • Mixed Doubles

Each section is split into a number of divisions according to the number of teams entered, with promotions and demotions between divisions at the end of each season. Each team in a division plays all the other teams in the same division, once at home and once away, during a season. A player can only represent one club in each section, but can play for different clubs in different sections.

For a match, each team provides three pairs, and each pair plays one rubber against each of the opposing pairs (i.e. nine rubbers). A rubber consists of the best of three games to 21, using rally point scoring. The number of rubbers won in each match determines the ranking within the division.

The match season runs from September to mid-May, and any matches not completed in this time are forfeited.